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Podiatry deals with the assessment, diagnosis, treatment,
rehabilitation and prevention of conditions of the feet and lower limbs.

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Do you experience
pain or discomfort
when standing,


or running?

Contact Halifax Podiatry, your foot care specialist.

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Do you have difficulty
caring for yours or others feet?


Welcome to the website of Halifax Podiatry foot care specialist, Philip Sneyd.


Philip is a Podiatrist in Bedford who practices alongside a fantastic team of certified Pedorthists,

orthotic lab technicians and expert footwear/medical compression fitters at

Comfort Orthotics & Podiatry Clinic in Bedford Nova Scotia.



As well as his Halifax podiatry in Bedford services, many other expert services and products are available.

Home - Foot care treatments
Foot care treatments

For the treatment and management of corns, calluses, plantar warts, thickened nails, ingrown nails and skin problems. Foot and in-shoe products can be recommended and provided for all of your foot care needs.

Home - Foot health assessments
Foot health assessments

If you have a medical condition that could affect your feet, it is important to have them checked on a regular basis. The blood flow, skin quality and sense of touch will be assessed alongside being advised on how best to improve your foot health with positive changes.

Home - Injuries of the foot and ankle
Injuries of the foot and ankle

Such injuries can be difficult to treat or diagnose. Often acute injuries become chronic as we carry on with our daily lives. Podiatrists are specialists trained in the assessment, diagnosis and management of these problems.

Home - Permanent nail surgery for ingrown toenails
Permanent nail surgery for ingrown toenails

A full assessment will be performed and the best treatment option will be recommended to you. If required, nail surgery is performed under local anesthetic (numbing). The minimal amount of nail is removed for best cosmetic results and a guarantee is given if the nail is treated to prevent regrowth.

Custom orthotics

Home - Custom Orthotics
Carefully Crafted

When appropriate, the proper use of orthotics can make a very significant improvement in the day to day lives of many different people. Orthotics can be very useful in the treatment of a wide range of foot and lower limb problems and come in a wide variety of forms.

Consult With A Podiatrist

If you already have a prescription for orthotics but you’re not sure if you need them: a Podiatrist is well qualified to confirm or advise a more appropriate option for you.